Carrooka – Natural – 15 Counter


This is the larger, more challenging, of our two sized Carrooka Boards with a natural undyed surface. Play with 2-4 players, suitable for ages 6-100 years. Simply place it on your dining or coffee table and you’re ready to play.

  • An 80cm diameter hand-made board on a spinning bearing. Crafted using high quality bb/bb Birch plywood from Forestry Commission approved sources, with a screen printed design and waxed finish for smooth play. 
  • Complete with 15 red counters, 1 x Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, Green and Yellow, plus an acrylic Striker counter, in a recycled cotton drawstring bag.
  • We include a handy instruction booklet so that you can play like a pro in no time at all.
  • Delivered in plastic free packaging by Yodel.

As our boards are handmade and we do have a waiting list at busy times of year. Orders for placed today for our large boards will be delivered by the end of November 2021.



We’re confident that your Carrooka board will quickly become a family favourite and an essential part of your screen-free family time.

This board is the larger, more challenging, 15 counter game. It’s an 80cm diameter board on a bearing that let’s you spin the board with each turn to position the acrylic striker in front of you. The board surface is super smooth and the counters slide with ease as you play. You’ll develop fine-motor control and strategy the more you play, making this a fast paced, but considered and skillful game.

Your job is to “pot” the counters by hitting it with the acrylic striker onto the wooden counters; you’ll quickly discover that this isn’t as simple as it first seems! Experiment by hitting the edges to make the counters shoot off at different angles, bounce off the rail, or slide around the edge of the circle. Be careful not to “carrooka” yourself, or to play a foul shot! Once you pot a red, you’ll then add to your points by potting colours and further reds in a similar way to the way you would play snooker. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an instruction book where it’s all clearly explained and you can follow us on social media for handy videos and hints. As we are actual real people, you can always give us a call for a chat if you would like any play advice!

You will receive the board, a lovely recycled pouch full of all the counters you need, along with a striker. All you need to supply is a finger for flicking and a notebook and pen for keeping score.

We’ve carefully sourced our materials to make this game as sustainable as possible. It’s been tested for safety to standards EN 71 part 1, 2 and 3 and we have rigorous quality control. It’s carefully made by the designer himself who has over 35 years of woodworking experience. We offer a six month guarantee, but we will always be willing to advise you if your board ever accidentally gets damaged-  even if that’s in 100 years time.

We’ve made sure there are no animal derivatives in any of the inks or paints we’ve used, but the board is buffed to perfection with a beeswax based product; if you would like a vegan version, please contact us and we will supply you with a board finished with synthetic/plant-based wax instead.

As your skills grow, you may like to sprinkle the playing surface with a friction reducing Carrom powder which is widely available online, or separately in our own store. This makes play even faster and demands much more skill. If you ever play in a tournament or at one of our clubs, you’ll be able to see the difference it makes. As Carrom powder is an untested, fine teflon based powder, we cannot recommend that it is used by children aged less than 14 years and then under close adult supervision.

80cm diameter. Weighs 6kg.

Available add-ons: Wall bracket for storage, slot- together coffee table base and pool set ( 6 x yellow counters )

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