The compulsively fun, spinning dexterity game!


Carrooka is a brand new finger-flicking blend of Snooker and Carrom. Fabulously fun, it’s easy to play but much harder to master; providing the perfect challenge for any age. Hand-crafted  in the UK and exclusively available to order here, direct from the inventor. 

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No room for Snooker? You need Carrooka! 


So, how do you play?

Build your skill and your score as you take aim and strike the counters into pockets then spin the board to line up your next shot. Calculate angles, get crafty by making it tricky for your challenger or just “hit and hope”! With simple rules, you’ll find it instant fun, but with time, you’ll develop your skills to become a Carrooka Master. Endless entertainment for families, but equally perfect for after dinner table-top competitions with grown-up friends…

Carrooka is only available in the UK direct from the maker himself. Handmade in Staffordshire, each board is  crafted and built to last, using carefully sourced sustainable materials. Your stylish Carrooka board will become a cherished family object that’s handed down through the generations.

Carrooka boards have been tested for safety and carry the UKCA mark, the game is suitable for players over 6 years of age. It is not suitable for younger children due to small parts.  

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The History of Carrooka


Jack has been a keen snooker player for some years; he’d have loved a snooker table at home, but tiny terraced house living doesn’t allow for that. One day, while researching table-top snooker games, Jack stumbled across the established world of Carrom- how had he never known about this before!

Carrom is a traditional game from India; a smooth square wooden board, where players flick counters to slide them into pockets. It’s massively popular with tournaments and clubs quietly playing the game all around the world

The story goes that when the Brits colonised India, they “discovered” Carrom and absorbed elements of it into the game of Billiards. This eventually led to the invention of Snooker.

Carrooka is the step of this evolution that never happened! Using counters, like Carrom but with rules similar to Snooker; the turning point for Carrooka came, quite literally, by making it turn. Having a spinning board means two or four players can sit at a table and always position the striker (the white ball equivalent) in front of them, making this a fantastic snooker table substitute for small home living.

Don't just take our word for it!

Here’s what a few others have to say about Carrooka:

“Without doubt one of our favourite dexterity games of all time”-  BoardGameBollocks

“Equally as enjoyable and satisfying as the likes of Crokinole. Carrooka takes seconds to learn and – like any game worth its salt- an ostensible lifetime to master. As enjoyable as the game is, the real wonder comes from the board itself, handmade in Staffordshire, England, each board (more akin to a family heirloom, such is the level of craftsmanship) is manufactured using carefully sourced, sustainable materials”- Casual Game Insider Magazine.

“I just wanted to say that we have received the board today and we could not be happier. It’s absolutely fantastic, we have been counting down the days since the board game expo and it’s exceeded our expectations. Keep doing what you are doing it’s a piece of art we will treasure.” LH, Southampton


playing carrooka

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