Carrom Powder and Waxing- Info page




Traditionally when playing the game of Carrom; you sprinkle a little Carrom Powder on to the board to help the counters slide. Our Carrooka boards are finely sanded, varnished and then waxed to create a super-smooth playing surface so that your counters glide with ease, meaning that you can play without powder. But you will find that if you add some playing powder you will:

  • improve glide and reduce “stuttering”
  • play faster shots
  • have improved rebound off the rail
  • reduce board scratches

If you would like us to send you a free sample of some super disco powder please tick the box that says “send me a free sample of Carrom powder” when you’re buying your board and we’ll send you a little bit to start you off. Our top tip for how much to use is “if you can see it, you’ve used too much!” You only need a teeny tiny sprinkle. After that we recommend that you search online for “Carrom Powder” or “Gliss Powder” to see what is available in your country.

They all do the same job of reducing friction, but all have their own personality.

Vegetable starch powders – tend to have a flour like appearance, they reduce friction, but do not give an enormous amount of speed. They can also make your board look a little dusty.

Wax sprinkles- these tend to be used for shuffleboard, we tried some on our Carrooka board and wow, you get speed, but it’s really hard to control where anything is going!

Super Disco powders- these are our favourite as instead of being a proper powder they are tiny spheres that act like little roller-skates under your counters. They tend to be made from acrylic. This one is a great powder- Hunter Disco Carrom Powder – Splay (UK) Limited

If you’re not keen to use a board powder, you may like to add some further coats of wax to your board over time. To do this you simply:

We no longer sell powders ourselves due to the number of countries we now ship to.

No powders should be used by young children and should be kept out of reach as they are a choking hazard.



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