Carrooka Carrom360 *Early Bird Sale Price Until 30th June 2024

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Brand new for 2024, this is our take on the Indian classic. To celebrate its launch we have an early bird sale price for the month of June, so early adopters are rewarded with a £20 discount from what will be the usual sale price. We’re also offering a FREE set-up rack for the same period, this will usually cost £8.50. As if this wasn’t already a tempting offer, the first 20 boards that we sell will be signed and dated by us, making them limited edition collectors pieces!!

Carrooka Carrom360, a super smooth rotating board in a stunning natural birch finish and screen-printed with traditional Carrom markings.  It needs all the skill and strategy of the larger Carrooka boards, but Carrom is a very different game; you start every shot by placing the striker in the correct “striking zone” to pot either yellows or blacks. Pot and cover the “queen” that’s the red, for extra points.  Simply place the board on your dining or coffee table and you’re ready to play.

  •  68cm diameter board, with 60cm play surface on a spinning bearing which means all players stay seated, making Carrooka Carrom360 a really accessible game perfect for all abilities.
  • Hand crafted in the UK by the inventor, using high quality bb/bb Birch plywood from Forestry Commission approved sources, with an eye-catching screen printed design on a natural background and waxed finish.
  • Complete with all counters plus an acrylic Striker counter, in a recycled cotton drawstring bag along with an easy to follow instruction book.
  • Tick the box below to receive a free sample of Carrom powder for faster play and more rebound shots!
  • Delivered in plastic free packaging by DHL – we will email you so that you can choose your delivery day (Monday to Friday).

Important note about waiting times, please read:

Orders for Carrooka Carrom360 boards placed today will be ready to be posted  during the first two weeks of July. We will email you when your board has been made so that you can choose your delivery day. Thank you for keeping us so busy in the workshop!!


How to play:

To begin, just place your Carrooka Carrom360 board on a dining or coffee table and set out the counters. Choose who “breaks” and using one finger, flick the heavier striker counter on to the pack. You’re aiming to pot one, in one of the six pockets around the edge of the board. If you succeed, you spin the board to line up your next shot, replace the striker in the striking zone and shoot again.  If you miss or foul, it’s the next persons turn. But if you keep potting your designated counters, you keep your turn.  Pot and “cover” the queen (that’s the red counter) to gain extra points.

Think it sounds easy? Well, it is easy to understand and you’ll be playing in an instant, but you’ll quickly discover that it takes skill and consideration to become a great Carrooka Carrom360 player! You’ll develop fine-motor skills, learn to calculate angles and judge the perfect pace of each shot. Be careful of those foul shots too, if you hit the wrong counter, pot the striker, or miss altogether, you have to pay a penalty and put one of your counters back on the board! We’ll send you an instruction book where it’s all clearly explained. You could also follow us on social media or youtube for handy videos and hints.

Quality craftsmanship that’s kind to the planet-

We’ve carefully sourced our materials to make this game as sustainable as possible, we use bb/bb European birch plywood. Each board is unique and you’ll notice the beautiful grain shine through the highly polished surface. We’re careful to choose the best quality wood, but in order to avoid waste, we do use wood with the occasional knot or flaw, as long as the play-ability is not affected. Every board surface is sanded and polished five times, gradually building up a super smooth long-lasting surface that lets the counters fly!

We’ve made sure there are no animal derivatives in any of the inks or paints we’ve used  and they’re all water-based so there’s no nasty chemicals involved. But we wax your board and buff it to perfection with a beeswax based product. If you would like a vegan version please contact us, we will supply you with a board finished with synthetic/plant-based wax.

Carrooka has been tested for safety to standards EN 71 part 1, 2 and 3 and we have rigorous quality control. Your board will be carefully made by the designer himself who has over 35 years of woodworking experience. We offer you a six month guarantee; but we will always be willing to advise you if your board ever accidentally gets damaged-  even if that’s in 100 years time.

Want an even faster game?

You can use a friction reducing Carrom, shuffleboard or crokinole powder/ wax which is widely available online.  This makes play even faster and demands much more skill.  Playing with powder is not recommended for players under 14 years of age.


68cm diameter. Weighs 5kg.

Available add-ons:

  • Set up rack
  • Wall bracket- for easy storage
  • Table base- makes a super cool piece of furniture
  • Carry case- for taking out and about
  • Floor stand
  • Level Up Set

Where we ship and how much it costs:

Everywhere else in the world! Please contact us by email with your shipping address and we will get a quote for you.

Shipping costs are calculated per order using the most expensive item class. For example, if you order a Board and a Bag to be shipped to the USA delivery will cost £98. This means it makes sense to order all extras at the same time as ordering a board if at all possible.

Please note: International shipping rates DO NOT INCLUDE any local duties or taxes, customers are wholly liable to pay any additional charges added by Customs and local tax offices. Delays in paying local charges during shipping may also lead to additional storage and handling charges. Please read our terms and conditions in full before making a purchase for international shipping.

Tournament board shipping costs are calculated on an individual basis. We cannot ship tournament board bases overseas.

Confused? Please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

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