Level Up! Spirit Level and Wedge Set


Having a level surface is pretty important when it comes to playing Carrooka. If you have an old house with uneven floors like ours, or if you take your board away in your camper-van, then you may find this leveling set to be just the ticket.

You will receive four birch plywood wedges (sanded off-cuts of our board making) along with a nifty spirit level fixed onto a Carrooka red counter. Pop the counter on the board and use the wedges underneath your board base to adjust until the bubble is in the centre of the spirit-level.

You’ll never be wonky again!

When will your level set arrive?

We’ll post this to you within ten working days of your order. If you order a level set along with a Carrooka board it will be posted in the same box as your board. Waiting times for Carrooka boards are displayed on their own product pages.


Where we ship and how much it costs:

Everywhere else in the world! Please contact us by email with your shipping address and we will get a quote for you.

Shipping costs are calculated per order using the most expensive item class. For example, if you order a Board and a Bag to be shipped to the USA delivery will cost £98. This means it makes sense to order all extras at the same time as ordering a board if at all possible.

Please note: International shipping rates DO NOT INCLUDE any local duties or taxes, customers are wholly liable to pay any additional charges added by Customs and local tax offices. Delays in paying local charges during shipping may also lead to additional storage and handling charges. Please read our terms and conditions in full before making a purchase for international shipping.

Tournament board shipping costs are calculated on an individual basis. We cannot ship tournament board bases overseas.

Confused? Please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

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